Week 10.1 – Caveat’s Crib

Previously: Digger found out from Twain that they were robbing Caveat Maledictor’s house. And now…

“I don’t know anything about Caveat Maledictor,” Twain said. “This house belongs to a guy named Derek Arthur.”

“Yeah, that’s Caveat,” Digger said. “This is not good. In a bad way.”

“Is there a good way to be not good?” Twain asked.

“Last cabinet on the left, you said?” Digger moved across the ceiling toward it.

“Yeah, but be careful,” Twain said. “You don’t want to set off an alarm.

“Doesn’t matter now,” Digger said. “We already did.”


“I don’t know how,” Digger said. “All I know is, Caveat’s the kind of guy who would put up a obvious alarm system as a decoy to keep you from noticing the second, secret alarm system. Trust me, he already knows we’re here.”


“I’ll kill them!” Caveat shouted.

“Calm down, Derek,” Cornwall said.

“Don’t tell me to calm down,” Caveat said. He held up his smart phone showing the video feed from the hidden camera in his library. Digger was dropping to the floor in front of the large curio cabinet with his collection of mystic crystals collected from villains and heroes from around the world. “They’re not in your home, raiding your collection.”

“I don’t have a collection.”

“Not my problem,” Caveat said. “Digger’s my problem, and I’m going to solve him right now!”

“Wait,” Cornwall said. “Let me see what I can do first.”


“Are you crazy?” Twain asked in a strangled voice that tried to be a quiet shout. “You’ll set off the pressure alarm.”

“I told you, the alarm has already gone out,” Digger said.

“What makes you so sure?” Twain asked, and then a voice echoed in his head.

Digger? Cowgirl? What is your name, anyway? Twain’s mind tickled. He concentrated as hard as he could on a single phrase in his head. Mister Twain, repeating that ridiculous catch phrase over and over can’t keep me from reading deeper into your mind. It just makes it more annoying. And I don’t care if your legs are killing you.

“What do you want, Deus?” Digger said as he opened the cabinet.

To let you know whose house you’re burgling, but I see you’ve figured it out already. So just why are you still there?

“Because there’s something here I need to save someone’s life,” Digger said. “Twain, what am I grabbing?”

Yes, Mister Twain, just what is it you’re after? You might as well relax and let me read it naturally, otherwise this might get unpleas…


Cornwall screamed and fell to the floor. Caveat rushed to his side. “What happened, Everett? Are you all right?”

Cornwall sat up slowly and rubbed at his temples. “Not really, no. That cowgirl person, that Twain, has a vicious mental barrier. Like some kind of feedback. I wonder why he didn’t use it before?”

“Who cares?” Caveat said. “I’m going after them.”

“No, don’t,” said Cornwall.

“Why not?”

“Because what’s going to happen to Digger if this burglary succeeds is much worse than what you would do to him.”

What has Deus found out? Learn more tomorrow in our next exciting episode!

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