Week 10.2 – Caveat’s Crib

Previously: Twain and Digger were interrupted in robbing Caveat Maledictor’s mansion by a mental probe from Deus Ex Machina. And now…

“Dude, what happened to you?” Digger asked.

Twain was no longer wearing his dark burglar clothes. In the light of Digger’s head lamp, he now wore a simple pair of blue jeans with  a simple polo shirt. A bright white patch of gauze bandage was taped to his temple near the hairline. “I just wanted to see what would happen if I flipped while Deus was trying to read my mind,” Twain said. “He didn’t seem to like it. You want me back in the dark clothes?”

“I’m not talking about the clothes,” Digger said. “I’m talking about your head.”

Twain put his hand up to the bandage. “You threw me through a window, remember?”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have that bandage before,” Digger said.

“It was under the wig,” Twain said. “Believe me, I don’t heal up quite that fast, especially when I’m spending most of my time in the other body.”

“Sorry, dude.”

Twain shook his head. “Just grab what we came for and let’s get out of here before the cops arrive.”

“Are you kidding? Caveat would not have his alarm call the cops. He would want to punish us himself.” Digger pulled open the cabinet. The inside of the cabinet was a solid wall of small wooden drawers with neatly typed labels on the front. “What am I looking for?”

“Blue crystal, maybe as part of a necklace or pendant,” Twain said.

Digger started from the top, pulled them open one by one until on the eighth, a blue glow illluminated his face. He reached in and pulled out a glowing crystal on a leather thong. “Is this it?”

“Looks like,” Twain said. “Let’s get out of here.”

Digger took a step forward and a metal security gate slid down and slammed shut across the doorway. Other sounds echoed through the rest of the darkened house as metal shutters and steel doors slammed down over every door and window. “Told you he would want to keep us here until he could deal with us himself,” Digger said.


“Tell me you’re not serious about this,” Carpe Noctem said as she followed Caveat outside to his motorcycle. Biggus Stickus followed a few steps behind. “Just let it go, like Deus said, or else let the police handle it.”

Caveat spun around and pointed a finger at Carpe’s chest. “No! He’s in my house! This will not stand!”

He turned and stalked toward his motorcycle as Carpe said, “Then at least let me fly you! You have any idea how long it will take you to get to Connecticut on that?”

“Less time than you think.”

“But more than you’d like,” Carpe said. “I can get you there fast.”

“No,” Caveat said. He straddled the bike and reached down for the secret fuel cutoff switch. “I have to do this on my own.”

“Oh, for God’s…” Carpe’s hand seized the D ring sewn into the special harness at his waist and lifted him into the air. “Men are idiots.”

Will Digger and Twain manage to escape before Caveat arrives, or will there be a rematch? Find out in our next exciting episode!

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