Week 11.2 – The Plan, Revealed

Previously: Digger and Twain have escaped from Caveat’s mansion with the last piece they need to put Twain’s plan into action. And now…

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Jill answered the phone on the fourth ring. “Traveler’s Tavern.”


“Digger?” Jill shifted the phone to her other shoulder as she started to pull a beer.

“I just wanted to let you  know,” Digger’s voice said. “You might see something on the news tomorrow about me robbing a museum.”

“You what?” She jerked away from the running tap, spilling beer across her knuckles. She shoved the glass back under the stream. “Damn. Are you crazy?”

“Trying not to be,” Digger said. “I’m hoping Twain’s plan actually works tomorrow, and that it hasn’t all been some trick.”

“Where are you?” Jill asked, shutting off the tap.

“Motel in Connecticut somewhere,” Digger said. “Got restless, but I can’t let myself be seen, so I’m lying on the roof, looking at the stars.”

“Sounds romantic.” Jill handed off her beer and collected a five.

“Would be if I had someone to share it with,” Digger said. “You know, I hardly ever look at the stars. I spend most of my time looking down rather than up. It’s really…”

“What?” Jill asked after a moment. She rang up the beer.

“Nothing,” Digger said. “Just feeling weird. I think my body’s having trouble adjusting to being sober. Would really like a beer right about now.”

“Are you sure all this is a good idea?” Jill asked.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea,” Digger said. “But I can’t just let that guy die.”

“What guy?”

“The guy they threatened to kill if I didn’t rob the bank for them.”

Jill couldn’t believe it. “So this all for just one man? Who is he?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Jill said loudly. The regulars at the bar quieted down at the sound of her raised voice. “How could you do all that for someone you don’t even know?”

“I’m not sure,” Digger said. “It’s just, everyone thinks I’m like this super-savior now. I guess I just feel like I need to live up to that.”

“By robbing museums.”

“It’s complicated,” Digger said. “I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. Assuming I don’t end up in Devil’s Mesa or something. I really need a good lawyer.”

“I thought you had a good lawyer,” Jill said.

“I did,” Digger said. “We just robbed his house.”

“Oh my God, Digger,” Jill said. “If you don’t die on this thing, I may just kill you myself. You are too stupid to live, you know that.”

“I know. I’ll see you later.”

“You better,” Jill said. “We miss you.”

“All of you, or just you?” Digger asked.

“All of us, in our own ways,” Jill said. “If you want to know mine, you’ll have to come back in one piece.”

“It’s a date,” Digger said. “Keep my seat warm and my beer cold.”

She opened her mouth to say something else, but the phone clicked and Digger was gone.

“Was that Digger?” Jake asked from the end of the bar. “Where is he?”

“In big trouble.”

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