New Video Posted: A Sinister Theory

New Hero Go Home Presents… video posted to my Youtube channel today, Superman Returns: A Sinister Theory. This is the third entry in my unofficial Superman month of videos. Next week will be something I call The Superman Continuum, and then we’re off of Superman (slightly) for a video I’m currently calling Superman/Batman: Criss-Cross.

Why all the Superman stuff all at once? Two reasons. Number one, I figured that with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year and Justice League on its way that Superman might draw some attention to the channel. And second, doing a lot of Superman videos all at once might save me a little work, by letting me reuse clips from one video in one or two others (which has happened, although I don’t know how much work it actually saved).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please share.

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