Monday Cancelled on Tuesday

So it’s Tuesday, and I missed updating Super Movie Monday yesterday. I tweeted that it would probably be going up today, but there’s just no way. I didn’t think my ambitions for this Friday’s “Hero Go Home Presents…” video were too high, but I WAY underestimated the amount of work needed to make this thing. When you see it, I hope you understand. Interviews, animations, custom wipes: I’m throwing the kitchen sink at this thing trying to bring it up to a fairly professional level. I’m not planning on making anything else quite this elaborate for a while, but it’s a great learning experience. However, it is also crowding out the considerable amount of time I need to do screen grabs and write Super Movie Monday. So with luck, I’ll be done editing the video tomorrow, and I can get Super Movie Monday back on track by next Monday. Thanks for your understanding.

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